Project Nevis (A Byrce Carr Thriller)

... When Bryce Carr investigates a bank fraud, he discovers the stolen money is being used to finance a secret CIA operation....
or Bryce Carr, investigating corporate fraud is what he does best: uncover the evidence, testify in court, recover the stolen money. He expected precisely that when a New York investment bank hired him to investigate a fraud in their derivatives division. Someone had stolen millions, but who and why?

He uncovered the who: Mike Fallor, a bank employee, but Fallor wasn’t talking and the money went offshore.
Determined to catch Fallor, Carr goes after him, but when he discovers the stolen money is being used to finance a secret CIA operation, he becomes caught up in a world where the tools of the trade are assault rifles and explosives, not pencils, calculators or notepads.

Praise for James Piper
“It is brilliant—lucid and intellectually insightful, and of its kind, it is in the first rank.”—David Adams Richards
“Ranks in my top 10 for this year.”—Brian Mcpherson.
“Read it to the end and you will be surprised who is the mastermind behind the transfer of funds and who hired assassins. The last sentence is the shocker.”—Nancy Silk.

The book is available here:

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ISBN 978-0-9878158-6-6 First US e-book (epub).
ISBN 978-0-9878158-7-2 First US Trade paper.
AISN B008F17SQA Kindle (US Edition)

ISBN 978-0-9878158-5-9 First Canadian / UK e-book (epub).
ISBN 978-0-9878158-4-2 First Canadian / UK Trade paper.
AISN B008F1EBTW Kindle (Canadian / UK Edition)

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