Lyrics of Amazing Space

... love the music but can't get into the message...
mazing Grace is a powerful song, known to many, but not everyone agrees with its message. It’s impossible for atheists to accept the notion that belief in a god, any god, will result in salvation of any description. It’s nonsense. It’s wishful thinking. It’s simply not true. How can belief in something that does not exist offer any benefit? In some instances I suppose, it can, but that means stepping away from a rational world and into a delusional one. Given that, it doesn’t matter what god you believe in to provide that comfort, any god will do. As long as it offers the same reward, the same reassurance, your job is to pick one and people do.
But not everyone. For those who want to remain in the rational world, that choice means: Atheism. So what songs celebrate that choice? I can’t think of any. None with the splendour of the music of Amazing Grace. None that aren’t pop songs about love and hedonism. So what do you do when something doesn’t exist and you wish it did, you create it. To that end, I present atheistic lyrics for the music of Amazing Grace.
You can read about the history of the song here. There’s also an excellent movie by the same title that deals with the abolition of the slave trade in the UK in the 18th century. Albert Finney plays John Newton. A must watch film.
I am interested in any comments you might have on these lyrics.
I am also interested in creating a choral version of the song. I would like to here the song sung.
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Chef Tilly’s Mexican Spice Mix

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Tilly Auriel is a chef. She’s worked in various restaurants in the San Francisco area, catered weddings and divorces, and recently was hired as a personal chef for James and Kendra Edwards who were recently married in a lavish ceremony at Grace Cathedral. You can read about her comedic, romantic adventures in: Tilly, Personal Chef, a soon-to-be-released book. In the meantime, she is guest blogging on cooking. Today’s entry is about her Mexican spice mix.
If you like to make tacos or fajitas (chicken, beef), you can buy packets of spice mixes from the grocery store. They’ll give you that authentic flavour you find in restaurants, but they are expensive. A cheaper alternative is to buy the individual spices and make the mix yourself. This recipe gives you enough mix to last a few months and it’s easier to make this batch once then do it every time you cook.
Here are the key ingredients:
60 ml Chilli powder
10 ml Cumin, ground
20 ml Garlic powder
20 ml Onion powder
20 ml Chilli flakes
Simply combine the ingredients in an jar and give the mix a good shack until it’s all blended.
I sprinkle a spoonful for each serving while cooking. Four servings, four spoonfuls. Adjust to your taste.
This is my basic spice mix, but there are ways to take it to a different level. If you want to add more heat, add in 10 ml of ground cayenne pepper. Careful though, it’s hot and can overpower the overall mix. Try only 5 ml and add more to your taste.
Other options include: Paprika(10 ml), Dried Oregano (10 ml), other dried peppers.
Note: I’m pretty sure 5 ml is 1 teaspoon and 15 ml is 1 tablespoon, but you might want to check.
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