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Tuesday, April 13, 2010 ...a milestone reached... I wonder where this will end. On the weekend I hit 20,050 songs in my iTunes library. 131 gigabyles of data. Almost 57 days of continuous music. If I were ever offered a last meal, I asked to listen to music as I ate.The thing is I still have stacks and stacks of CDs to rip and add to my library. I'm storing all these files on a 1 TB external hard drive. There's a second drive for back-up. There's enough space left for about 140,000 songs. If I ever fill up the hard drive, I'll be amazed.Posted 2010/04/13 at 11h11ET in Itunes.

Checked Off

Sunday, April 11, 2010 To Do is off the list... I recently completed a task that was completely irrational. It was a fixture on my To-Do list because I always put it off. This week I decided to change that. I dug through my files of sketches and drawings and scanned them into my computer. A simple concept, sure, but tedious and time consuming. I suggest wearing latex gloves or buying hand lotion, but maybe that's a personal choice...Anyway, I now have a folder with 1.2 GBs of JPEG and PSD files. Here's an example from 1992.Right, where's that To-Do list? I want to sketch a line on it.Posted 2010/04/11 at 13h54ET in