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Day 3—Writing a Novel—The Deep Blue Cage

Saturday, November 19th, 2016 ... I’m still not clear on how she gets off the boat.... Note: Unedited writings from my notebook for this novel. Square bracket items represent added comments. T ime to work on this story. I gave some though to the title. I am going with THE DEEP BLUE CAGE. But I might go with THE DEEP BLUE PRISON. Both have pluses and minuses based on the connotations. I also had some thoughts on the cover. I see a shipping container with an image of a Chinese flag. That would be sufficient. I came up with a plot point. Based on betrayal. Our hero [I use hero for male and female.] is freed from the ship. She’s plotting how to get back at the Chinese officers and the ship. She goes to a private security company [mercenaries] to hire some former Navy Seals for the plan. But here’s the betrayal. The guy she meets with at the company, records the talks. He uses it. Takes it to DOD [Dept. of Defense] or State to earn some brownie points. Their his bread and butter. That’s…
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Day 2—Writing a Novel—The Deep Blue Cage

Friday, November 18th, 2016 ... There’s also poetic justice for this crew for what they did to the women they kept.... Note: Unedited writings from my notebook for this novel. Square bracket items represent added comments. I t’s still Friday to me. [Writing early Saturday morning.] I wasn’t in bed until 6h and up at 14h. Then lots of errands. Lots of walking. Felt tired earlier—something different. I haven’t spent much time thinking about this story. I seemed to have put my mind into another lane. Not what I want. I was thinking too much about my future as a successful writer. Not simply being a writer, but a successful writer. One that makes a good living off or from it. That’s a better goal. So what to say about this story. No title. Oh. I did decide on something. She can’t die. Too much of a downer. That would seem to rule out a revenge aspect by the husband. Maybe she does it. These guys [the baddies] have to get it in the end. I was thinking about how she wants to sink the sh…

Day 1—Writing a Novel—The Deep Blue Cage

Thursday, November 17th, 2016... this is where it begins... Note: Unedited writings from my notebook for this novel. Square bracket items represent added comments. T he start of my work on a new novel. And using a bound notebook instead of loose leaf or a spiral notebook. I hope this is the right choice. It feels right. [I have various preferences on what to write with, fountain pen, and what to write on. It has varied over the years.] The objective isn’t just to write this novel but write it quickly as I can. Work on it as much as I can. Not just a couple of hours a day, but as much as I can. I hope to get a first draft done in a couple of months. [It didn’t happen.] Realistically I would be drafting and writing and having something done by January 31st. That seems doable. [It did.] That’s based on Ian Fleming who took two months to get a first draft down. If he can do it, I know I can do it. And page count. No more than 300pp. Between 250 and 300. Don’t make it too long. [Note: …

Writing a Novel–The Deep Blue Cage–Introduction

Thursday, March 9th, 2017... I fight my insecurities and doubts and I withdraw farther away from people and life ... I n November 2016 I started work on a new novel with the working title: The Deep Blue Cage. A few weeks after I started, I stopped. I was feeling too depressed about everything including the idea of writing a new novel. It happens to me at various times, with varying degrees, and it is debilitating. The ultimate issue was: Why bother? Why bother write another novel no one will read and no one will care about. I also found I was dreading the writing process more and more. It was painful to think about. I walked away and focused on other things. Or tried to. That didn’t work either. I felt trapped and unsure where I should head, what I should do. I even asked the big question, what the hell is life about anyway. There’s no one answer to this question despite the proclamations of some and because I believe I can think critically, can reason, I look at it from many an…


Monday, September 17, 2012
Breathe—Verb. To breathe.
Breath—Noun. A breath.
BreatheBreath Posted 2012/09/17 at 19h17ET in Words, Writing.

Words—Onto—On To

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ON TO—Put the water on to boil, I’m making haggis.
ONTO—The cat jumped onto a pillow filled with wrenches.
OntoOn Posted 2012/09/11 at 19h45ET in Words, Writing.


Sunday, September 9, 2012
CLOTHES—She’s so beautiful. I imagine her without any clothes, but then, her closet and dresser would be empty.
CLOTH—A noun. A cloth to wipe up…
CLOTHE—Verb. To clothe her doll, she stole…
ClothesClothClothe Posted 2012/09/09 at 20h14ET in Words, Writing.