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Movies Watched in December 2008

1. 2008/12/01 Big Trouble. Comedy. (2002, 85 mins.) NR
2. 2008/12/02 Grace Is Gone. Drama. (2007, 85 mins.) NR
3. 2008/12/03 Hidalgo. Action. (2004, 136 mins.) NR
4. 2008/12/04 Feast of Love. Romance. (2007, 101 mins.) NR
5. 2008/12/05 Invincible. Drama. (2006, 105 mins.) NR
6. 2008/12/05 The Errand Boy. Comedy. (1961, 0 mins.) NR
7. 2008/12/06 Star Wars. Action. (1977, 121 mins.) NR
8. 2008/12/06 The Nanny Diaries. Drama. (2007, 106 mins.) NR
9. 2008/12/06 The Nutty Professor. Comedy. (1963, 107 mins.) NR
10. 2008/12/07 Hollywood North. Comedy. (2003, 89 mins.) NR
11. 2008/12/07 Cloverfield. Horror. (2008, 85 mins.) NR
12. 2008/12/08 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Adventure. (2007, 138 mins.) NR
13. 2008/12/09 The Matador. Crime. (2005, 96 mins.) NR
14. 2008/12/10 Breakfast with Scot. Comedy. (2007, 95 mins.) NR
15. 2008/12/10 3:10 to Yuma. Crime. (2007, 122 mins.) NR
16. 2008/12/11 Fat Man and Little Boy. Drama. (1989, 127 mins.) NR
17. 2008/12/11 Yours, Mine and Ours. Comedy. (2005, 90 mins.) NR
18. 2008/12/12 The Dying Gaul. Drama. (2005, 101 mins.) NR
19. 2008/12/12 Rocky Balboa. Drama. (2006, 102 mins.) NR
20. 2008/12/13 Meet the Spartans. Comedy. (2008, 86 mins.) NR
21. 2008/12/13 Baby Mama. Comedy. (2008, 99 mins.) NR
22. 2008/12/14 The Agony and the Ecstasy. Drama. (1965, 138 mins.) NR
23. 2008/12/14 Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Comedy. (1987, 93 mins.) NR
24. 2008/12/15 Elizabeth. Drama. (1998, 124 mins.) NR
25. 2008/12/16 United 93. Drama. (2006, 111 mins.) NR
26. 2008/12/17 Birdman of Alcatraz. Drama. (1962, 147 mins.) NR
27. 2008/12/18 Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story. Drama. (2003, 120 mins.) NR
28. 2008/12/18 Jumanji. Action. (1995, 104 mins.) NR
29. 2008/12/18 Live from Baghdad. Drama. (2002, 110 mins.) NR
30. 2008/12/19 Something New. Romance. (2006, 99 mins.) NR
31. 2008/12/19 Charlie Wilson's War. Drama. (2007, 102 mins.) NR
32. 2008/12/20 The Thin Man. Comedy. (1934, 91 mins.) NR
33. 2008/12/20 Over Her Dead Body. Romantic Comedy. (2008, 95 mins.) NR
34. 2008/12/20 Munich. Drama. (2005, 164 mins.) NR
35. 2008/12/20 Daddy Day Care. Comedy. (2003, 92 mins.) NR
36. 2008/12/21 Lone Star. Crime. (1996, 135 mins.) NR
37. 2008/12/21 Margaret's Museum. Drama. (1995, 114 mins.) NR
38. 2008/12/21 Resurrecting the Champ. Drama. (2007, 112 mins.) NR

Listed 2012/04/02 at 03h08ET.


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