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Dead Fish (2004)

Dead Fish. Feature film. (2004, 98 mins) IMDB

...hard to believe they can get it so wrong...


beautiful Spanish woman stands in a railway station in London. She argues with her deadbeat boyfriend. She's pregnant and wants him to grow up. She takes his cell phone to call her mother. A few seconds into the call, another deadbeat snatches her phone and runs away. She gives chase. He runs faster until he's knocked flat to the ground by our hit man. The phone is returned to the lovely lady and the hit man is smitten with her.

He's in London to do another hit. He's waiting for the call from his boss with instructions. The call but it goes to the deadbeat boyfriend because there was a mix-up in the phones. I totally expected it to happen and it was completely stupid and unbelievable.

The deadbeat goes to the train station. Finds the locker with the instructions on the hit, cash and a pistol and goes to the Mr. Fish's place. By accident he shots Fish at least that's what we're supposed to believe.

The hit man discovers the screw-up and chases after our deadbeat hero. That's the bulk of act two. He's also in love with the Spanish woman and tries to reach out to her. When they finally meet again, he gives her a red rose and she won't accept it. She's in love with the deadbeat.

As the movie progressed I wanted so much for the hit man to kill the deadbeat. He was a loser. Obnoxious. Please, please, shot the asshole, but it didn't come.

The ending was as stupid and absurd as the rest of the story. Fish kills the hit man?!? Give me a break.

There were so many things in this movie that made no sense and happened just because the plot required. Or simply was there because someone thought it was amusing when it wasn't.

A pot head doing drugs and laughing. How original.

What was with this Billy Zane character and his time with Dragon? You've got me.

In the last week, I've watched three movies of this nature--killers and comedy. This film, YOU KILL ME and IN BRUGES. The later was oddly a great film. YOU KILL ME was pleasant and professional and average but it looks like an award winner compared to this one.

Posted 2009/05/07 at 20h11ET in Movie Commentary.


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