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Religulous (2008)

Religiulous. Feature film. (2008, 101 mins) IMDB

...a title that takes some getting use to but a great one...


looked forward to watching this film and I'm glad I did. It's about time people like Bill Maher questioned the non-sense of religion and that's what he does in this film.

As he says in the film atheists represent a large majority of people in the US but there is no lobby for them. There are no politicians willing to stand up against religious nut-jobs. That won't easily change, but I can't wait for a politician to say, I'm an atheist or I'm agnostic. I may have to wait a long time for that.

He points out the myth the US was founded as a Christian country. People believe it, but it isn't true. From Jefferson to Franklin to Adams, these men spoke out against organized religion.

Religious leaders want you to be afraid to speak out against their religion. Remember the inquisition?

There are also the nut-jobs who take the bible literally and believe we all come from Adam and Eve and the world is only 5000 years old or so. They believe humans co-existed with dinosaurs. And back to the politicians who believe this and denounce the theory of evolution. I guess you can't be rational with some people.

I was mildly surprised to see the Catholics interviewed to be the most rational which includes accepting Darwin's theory. Some people have come to the realization that you can't fight the facts, but others walk around with blinders on.

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