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Day 10. Weights (5.9816)

Day 10 of 10.

...Another weights day...


oday was Family Day in Ontario. A holiday. Many people didn't have to go to school or work and hundreds of them came to the gym today.

I like going in the middle of the afternoon because that's when the place is the least busy. It's busy in the morning as people do their workout before going off to work. Many mothers and non-working women come in the morning. There's usually lots of mothers and their toddlers. Then there's the lunch crowd. And the big load is just after work starting around 16h30. Nope. The best time is between 14h and 16h. Except today.

I went at 13h. As I drove up I saw the parking lot was jammed full of cars--not a good sign. Then when I stepped into the lobby, I thought I was entering an airport terminal on the busy day of the year. Then when I got to the exercise room, the long row of elliptical machines were in use--except one. It was a different model than the one I use and when I punched the buttons to set the time etc. it seemed to work but then crapped out. It kept asking me to re-enter data. The machine was broken. There was another available. The same model. I entered the same data and this time it worked. The other one was definitely broken.

30 mins on the elliptical machine and it said I burnt 475 calories. I believe it. RPM was 70 to 75. Lots of sweat. A cardio workout.

Then the weights.

Bench Press: 9kg x 25 reps x 3 sets

Inclined Bench Press: 9kg x 25 reps x 3 sets

I've been doing these chest exercises enough over the last while that I'm going to increase the weight level the next time round. The weight is too easy. That would be on Friday.

Stomach Crunches: 25 reps x 6 sets

Leg Lunges: 10 reps x 6 sets - Left/Right

Doing six sets instead of three.

Lots of stretching.

One of the support staff says there's three things you can do for exercise: push ups, leg lunges and squats. It's old school, but effective. No special equipment required except good shoes. Good shoes area a must. Don't skimp.

I did one squat as she suggested just to see what it's like. I could feel it in my butt. That would see to be a good exercise to do with my leg lunges. Because you're working the large muscles with the squats and lunges, it's also a cardio activity. It will get your heart pumping.

She also thinks six or seven days a week is too much. I'm in a rut where it's hard not to do as much as I have been doing. I don't want to stop my trend because I want to get to 6.00. Another 20 days. I know I can do it and will. After that I'm not sure. Maybe rest on Sundays. Maybe.

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