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How To Rob A Bank (2007)

How To Rob A Bank. Feature film. (2007, 81 mins) IMDB

...How To Make A Bad Movie...


he film should be called: How To Make A Bad Movie. Take a tired genre and do nothing unique or different or interesting. I don't know who thought this might make an interesting movie, but whomever they were, they were wrong.

I don't want to write too much, because I don't want to think about this film.

There is the barest of plots (a young, poor slacker is locked in a vault during a robbery at a bank). Since we don't know the guy, we don't care what happens to him. We don't care he's bitching about ATM service charges. He's a typical guy and therefore boring. Further, nothing happens to him and we know nothing will. There is no suspense. No interest. Add in terrible dialogue. Exposition galore. Tired threats and on and on.

Why the characters have to go on repeating, "Can you hear me now?" as they talk on their cell phone. I suppose someone thought it would be funny. Instead it's lame and tedious. Annoying. Not to forget the fact cell phones would not likely work inside a massive, closed bank vault.

There isn't a positive thing to say about this film. Recently I watched THE BANK JOB. There is a much better movie. I should watch it again.

I think I know what the producers were thinking. Keep the budget low and there's a chance it could be a money machine. There's really only three sets or locations. No stars. A short film and a short shooting schedule. It couldn't have cost that much to make.

Also the director liked using these fast-speed cuts to show a flashback as if someone technique will overcome a terrible story. It doesn't.

Posted 2009/02/15 at 14h40ET in Movie Commentary.


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