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Three Days Missed

Day 37.

...The good news is it's nearly over, the bad news is I missed three days....


t the start of the week I felt the effects of some virus taking hold. Each day it got worse and on Wednesday it was the worst. My glands under my jaws were puffed up and tender. I gave new meaning to words: double chin. My face was rounded like a ball from jaw to jaw. Among other symptoms, I also had a soar throat such that it hurt each time I swallowed. No fun. (It was a virus, not a bacterial infection.) It meant not going to the gym. My streak of 32 straight days was over. (My longest is 238 days). Thursday I didn't feel much better and obviously didn't go.

Today, Friday, I slept in fits because I would wake up in a coughing fit and only felt marginally better until I woke up for the third time late in the day. Finally major improvement. The soar throat is mostly gone, glands going down and not as tender etc. Resting seemed to help.

Now I've missed three days in a row. My long-term average has dropped to 5.97 d/w. Ugh! I will get it back to 6.0. In about a month.

The reason I go everyday to the gym is because I want to average 6 d/w and with holidays, illness, etc. you'll miss some days that drops the average below.

I can go seven days a week because six days are cardio on the machines and 1 day is swimming. Tomorrow is a swim day, just the sort of thing I need to ease back in after three days off due to illness.

Posted 2009/02/06 at 18h21ET in Exercise.


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